Wireless microphone

Micro Phone series

WIRELESS MICROPHONE BUILT IN ECHO AND TONE CONTROL With patented Audio Reference Companding for crystal-clear sound Wireless microphone build in echo and tone control UHF-300 Series Rechargeable Wireless Microphone Karaoke Cordless Microphone with Volume & Echo Control and Receiver with high and low tone adjustment echo and Bluetooth, UHF Handheld Dynamic Microphone for Singing Karaoke Speech, Black Best Dual UHF Wireless Microphone with Volume Control + ECHO Function. No Need To Set, Just Plug and Use! Perfect for Karaoke, Speech, Meeting, Performance, Indoor or Outdoor. No need to buy batteries! Rechargeable UHF Dual Wireless Microphone With Receiver System. Both microphones & receiver can be rechargeable. Each Microphone rechargeable battery; Receiver with Built-in rechargeable battery. When full charged, microphone working time about 8 or 10 Hours, receiver working time about 3 Hours; Dual USB Charging Port for Charging.

Sound base series

Sound Base is a modern speaker system, suitable for today's audiovisual trends. The product both meets audio and visual standard, the presence of the Sound Base can be considered as an interior decoration and a highlight in your room. A useful product with All-In-One configuration, the most fulfilling for entertainment needs: listening to music, watching movies, singing Karaoke. 2 high-quality wireless microphones are available for singing karaoke beautifully and easily.

On the Go series

On The Go is a serial of multi-purpose speaker design for music lover, guitar player, singer, DJs … to listen to music and play, sing at home and bring them around for small to medium party, event, picnic … On The Go can be use as personal speaker to listen to music or play guitar, organ as well as for a small band to perform for a small to medium group of audience. The serial including 4 models: OT8, OTG12, OTG15, OTG215 to meet the demand of quality sound for small group to big group up to 100 people.

Home station series

Home Station is a multimedia player system designed for use in homes or small halls, gardens etc. for the needs of listening to music, singing karaoke, watching movies. A sturdy, traditional design with 2 powerful 10” & 12'' bass speakers and 2 horn speakers for clear, warm and strong sound. The Home Station can be used as a shelf for decorations or for television in your room.