Sumico DSP2150

Sub/ Column active speaker
1485 USD

Sumico DSP2150 is a modern and versatile speaker system that is in line with today’s audiovisual entertainment trends. Its classic design makes it a great addition to any room at home, while its modern features make it perfectly capable for big home parties and events. The speaker system is compact and highly portable thanks to its 4 flexible moving wheels. 



Sumico DSP 2150 is a powerful active sub/column speaker system. Total power is 1000 watt. The system includes 1 x18 inch woofer for sub and 16 x 3 inch full range line array column


Sumico DSP 2150 includes DSP control and wireless Bluetooth 5.0 input, as well as two mic/line inputs. The DSP2150 delivers punchy bass, crystal-clear mid-range, and excited high frequency to meet the high-quality demand of audio enthusiasts. This speaker system is perfect for DJs, cafes, events, small live bands, karaoke, as well as background music or classroom lectures in size small to medium.

With maximum SPL 127 db and coverage wide of 100 degree, DSP 2150 system is suitable for a room from 30sqm to 200sqm with a maximum of 200 audiences

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  Power supply: 220VAC, 50/60 Hz

  Battery : 12V/12Ah

  Battery life : 8 Hours (50% volume)

  Charging time : 4 - 5 Hours

Dimensions (w x d x h)   Subwoofer: 500 x 650 x 630mm  
Weight (Kg)   Subwoofer:  50kg
  Column: 7kg

  2 x Microphone
  1 x Power cable
  1 x Remote

  4 x AA batteries & 2 x AAA batteries

  1 x Quick Start Guide


  Woofer Size: 1 x 18" (45.7cm) 
  Treble Size:  16 x 3"  (7.62cm) 
  Power: Dynamic power 500W
              Peak power 1000W
  Frequency Response: 30Hz - 20 KHz


  Bluetooth 5.0

  1 x RCA Input

  2 x 6mm Input (MIC)

  2 x 6mm Input

  2 x USB TF card


  1 x RCA Output

Wireless Micro   Power supply: 2 x AA alkaline batteries
  Operating Frequency: 630-690 Mhz
  Available Channels : 16
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