Gold Horn 10

Belonging from a successful product chain of Sumico Gold Horn 10 stands out with a special design that combines classic and modern. This pair of speakers can become the interior highlight of your room.
780 USD


Gold Horn 10 was designed with the purpose of integrating the four demands: karaoke, listening to music, watching movies, playing music, its aims of supplying the ambitious demands of the market is met.

Gold Horn 10 was designed by audiophiles and professional engineers, with goals of producing a pair of loudspeakers that are reasonably priced, efficient and pleasing to the eye, while bringing a distinctive style to the owner’s living space. 



Gold Horn 10 has a unique design compared to most speakers on the market. It is aesthetically designed for the living room. The speaker is placed on the attached foot with a tripod-like design. The speaker face is covered with 2 e-stretch panels with a luxurious classic burlap mesh. The cabinet is made of MDF, covered with real wood veneer and finished in a Cherry colour, integrating with the furniture seamlessly. Placed on the included stand, either side of your TV, it will undoubtedly become an elegant emphasis to your living room.

Technical Design

The speaker is of a reasonable size to be placed on a speaker stand or on a shelf, yet bigger than conventional bookshelf speakers to ensure high volume performance when used for singing. The front of the speaker is designed at a right angle, the middle of the speaker has a horizontal border, dividing the speaker face into two upper and lower parts, and two drivers are arranged in a symmetrical upper and lower part. On the horizontal bar that divides the upper and lower parts, the striking Sumico logo can be seen.

The super dynamic neodium tweeter is mounted in the large horn to help spread sound evenly and the high frequency range is well directed as well, reproducing the sound in smoothly and clearly.

The mid/bass speaker has a diameter of 250mm, the diaphragm is made of synthetic paper, coated with anti-resonance, making the mid sound clearer when reproducing, limiting distortion when playing at high volume. The bass speaker is also placed on the wooden horn to radiate sound in tune with the treble speaker.

The speaker cabinet is designed with a polygonal design with a small bevel at the back to limit standing waves generated in the cabinet during operation, improving the musicality of the speaker.

Gold Horn 10 can be used as a floor standing speaker thanks to the metal feet, or as a shelf when the stand is removed.

Impressive form that harmoniously combines classic and modern elegance with wood, metal, and fabric materials. The design of 2 horns for bass and treble speakers provides an open, sound quality with Super dynamic technology. Gold Horn 10 will bring you closer to music.

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Sensitivity 93db
Impedance 4 Omh
Dimensions (W×D×H) 33 x 30 x 113cm
Weight 14 Kg
Woofer 1 x 10" (25.4 cm)
Tweeter 1 x 1" Treble Neodymium (2.54 cm)
Power Long term power 150w, Short term power: 250 w
Frequency Response 30Hz – 20KHz
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