Sumico SU1905

Sumico portable Speaker
231 USD

- Portable karaoke speaker with modern design, lively sound, battery for all day use, so can play comfortably.

- 150W power, 40cm Bass and 2.54cm Treble, far-reaching horn structure covers a wide space.



The Sumico SU1905 is a line of portable karaoke speakers that are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and provide powerful sound, making them ideal for all music and karaoke needs. The product is worth every minute of enjoyment, from its stylish design to its features and sound quality. The Sumico SU1905 is great for parties, picnics, meetings and conferences


The All-In-One configuration of this product makes it the most complete option for mobile entertainment needs, including listening to music, singing karaoke, playing guitar, or other musical instruments. It is a portable karaoke speaker with a modern design, lively sound, and large battery for all-day use.

- 150W power, 40cm Bass and 2.54cm Treble, far-reaching horn structure covers a wide space.

- The bottom wheel design, the speaker top handle is easy to hold and portable, which can be extended or retracted flexibly for convenient transportation..

- Hard steel speaker grille protects the speaker driver from collisions.

- Integrated with high-quality wireless microphone.

- Input to connect additional Microphone and Guitar.

- The control buttons are beautifully illuminated and the intuitive layout is easy to use, especially at night.

- Customize Echo, Delay to add reverberation effects to make singing karaoke really good and easy.

- Increase/Decrease Bass, Treble for vocals and EQ only applies with background music.

- Play music via Bluetooth connection, AUX, USB, memory card, …

- Record audio to USB or memory card.

- Wireless connect 02 speakers to create a Stereo sound system, upgrade service capacity.

- MIC PRIORITY (PRI) mode, voice priority makes the speaker good for presentations or small events. Press MIC PRI button, the music will automatically reduce when there is a Microphone voice.

- Remote control

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  12V/7A Lead-Acid Battery

Power Supply   110-240V, 50-60Hz


  Remote Control, One Wireless Microphone, Trolley
Speaker Size

 15” Plastic Cabinet

Box Size




Type   Battery Trolley Speaker

  Digital Amplifer Version


  150W Dynamic

Woofer   15”
Tweeter   Magnet
Mic In

  6.35mm Jack

Line Input   AUX in
Special Function   TWS/FM/USB/TF/SD/Bluetooth/Recoding/
  Led on/Off Switch 5 Band Equalizer, Mic Priority
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