510 USD

The all-new Sumico KA-400 Amplifier is a breakthrough creation combining three essential devices into one premium design: Amplifier - Digital Karaoke Mixer - Wireless Microphone. This product features state-of-the-art technologies, delivering outstanding performance quality, creating a sophisticated and classy entertainment space.



The Sumico KA-400 karaoke amplifier integrates wireless microphones and digital signal processing (DSP) with intelligent signal processing capabilities for excellent sound filtering and feedback suppression, ensuring comfortable singing, music listening, and movie watching with superior quality.


Equipped with premium components from Singapore's Sumico audio brand and delivering 400W/channel (8 Ohms) power, the the Sumico KA-400 amplifier effortlessly controls a wide range of high-end karaoke speaker systems, ensuring durability and optimal compatibility with most speakers on the market, delivering powerful and energetic sound performances. Notably, it features a cutting-edge 24bit/192kHz DAC for Hi-Res audio signal decoding, enhancing detail in music output.

With a true power output of 400W/channel x 2, the amplifier effortlessly interfaces with a variety of premium karaoke speaker systems available today, delivering authentic, vibrant, and robust sound

The Sumico KA-400 amplifier is the ideal amplifier for users who love singing, music, cinema, and technology, offering versatility with numerous exciting features:

+ Elegant and sophisticated design.

+ Compact 3-in-1 integration: DAC-equipped amplifier, digital karaoke mixer, and wireless microphone.

+ High-quality integrated wireless microphones with excellent sound absorption and sensitivity, delivering sweet, warm vocals that resonate deeply.

+ Easy adjustment via the intuitive touch screen and user-friendly control interface.

+ Simple deep customization through computer-installed software connected to the amplifier.

+ DSP (Digital Signal Processor) from USA ensures fast and precise signal processing, delivering detailed and seamless sound reproduction.

+ Separate equalizer adjustments for background music (Music), vocals (Micro), Echo, and Reverb.

+ Key tone adjustment (Pitch Control) for easier karaoke singing.

+ Quick Bluetooth 5.0 connection to phones, tablets, and computers for seamless wireless music and karaoke playback.

+ Convenient karaoke singing with YouTube on TV via Optical connection.

+ Listen to lossless music, MP3 playback via USB port.

+ Integrated 24-bit/192kHz high-end DAC decodes Hi-Res audio signals for more detailed output sound.

+ Convenient remote control for sound adjustment and karaoke mode selection.




Wattage RMS (8 Ohms)

400W / channel

Wireless connection


Analog input

Analog output                                                              

RCA x 2

RCA x 1

Optical input


USB Type-A port for music


Sub Line output ( RCA )


Center Line output ( RCA )


Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth)

70mm x 340mm x 310mm

Net weight


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