Sumico H8P

320 USD

Sumico H8P speaker is serviceable with All In One configuration, fullest features for home and mobile entertainment demands: listening to music, watching movies, singing karaoke, playing guitar or other musical instruments. It's so amazing that Sumico H8P speakers can be used for parties, picnics, seminars and teaching.



Sumico H8P is designed with a driver protection mesh made of powder-coated alloy, a specially made hard plastic case for optimizing acoustics while satisfying load-bearing strength. Rough painting for surface and rounded edges not only create aesthetics and personality for a modern design with a youthful and dynamic style, but also minimize scratches and dents when used. Thanks to its compact design, you can carry the speaker in your hand, place it comfortably in your trunk or transport it on a motorbike when traveling. Control buttons located right on the top of the speaker case help users easily and flexibly make adjustments during use. For convenience in movement like a suitcase, the speaker is designed with an extendable and retractable handle behind as well as a base with wheels.


  • Portable speaker with 100W capacity, Lithium battery with usage time of up to 8 hours (50% volume), giving you all day of comfortable fun.
  • Powerful and vivid sound, with a streamlined configuration including only 1 Treble driver 2.54cm and 1 Woofer driver 20.3cm.
  • Listening to music and singing Karaoke on a mobile basis via Bluetooth 5.0 connection, USB, TF Card card, entertaining with TV via Optical wire connector, HDMI.
  • Input for connecting additional Microphones and Guitars.
  • Provided with 2 high-quality, high-end wireless microphones and a new generation DSP circuit to easily help fine-tune your voice to be stronger and clearer.
  • Included both Echo and Reverb effects to help you sing better.
  • Easily and flexibly increase/decrease Bass and Treble for the Microphone to suit each type of voice.
  • Easily and flexibly increase/decrease Bass and Treble for music depending on your personal preferences.
  • TWS (True Wireless Stereo) feature wirelessly connects 2 speakers to set up a Stereo sound system and expand the operating space.
  • The Bass Boost feature enhances the bass range of powerful speakers like a Subwoofer
  • The MIC PRI (PRIORITY) feature prioritizes voice to help the speaker be useful for group presentations. Pressing the MIC PRI button and the music will automatically be lower when a voice enters the microphone.
  • Analog signal output via 3.5mm jack cable makes it easy to connect more speakers to increase service capacity.
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Power supply 

Input Voltage: 220VAC, 50/60 Hz 

Battery life Battery : 12V/7500mAh Lithium Battery
Battery life: 8 Hours (50% volume)
Charging time: 4 - 5 Hours
Dimensions (W x D x H) 350 x 260 x 500mm
Weight (Kg) 8 Kg
Included Accessories 2 x Microphone
1 x Power cable
1 x Remote
4 x AA batteries & 2 x AAA batteries
1 x Quick Start Guide 
Speakers Woofer: 1 x 20.3cm
Tweeter: 1 x 2.54cm
Power: 100W Dynamic Power
Frequency Response: 50Hz – 18kHz
Input Bluetooth 5.0
1 x 3.5mm 
1 x 6.3mm (Micro)
1 x 6.3mm (Guitar)
USB, TF Card 
Output 3.5mm
Wireless Microphone Power: 2 x AA alkaline 
Operating Frequency: 630-649 Mhz
Available Channels: 16
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