Sumico is developed by experienced experts in Singapore in designing high quality audio devices for consumers.

Sumico launched its first product in 2010 with traditional products sold widely in the market for many years such as HS8200, D350, PA3910 Karaoke amplifiers. Nowadays Sumico has gradually become a familiar name to consumers.

Over 10 years of development, Sumico has continued to launch new and diverse products such as movie, music, Karaoke All-In-One speaker line for modern families: Sound Base 80, Sound Base 50. 


The All-In-One Home Station 10, Home Station 12 speaker line is for traditional families, and the On-The-Go multi-purpose portable speaker line with 4 models: OTG8, OTG12, OTG15, OTG 215.     


Sumico is experienced in making great and diverse sound products. The speaker systems have integrated Amplifier and high-quality Microphones so that users can immediately enjoy the product without having to buy any accessories.

With advanced technologies in the audio equipment industry and consumer-oriented designs, Sumico believes that the new series of products will bring about high value, rich usability and superior sound quality, becoming the perfect choice for those who love music, movies and singing.